About Chris Redding

I studied Graphic Design at Central St Martins College in London. After graduating I began working at Framestore, initially making tea, then despatching tapes and then the library. I made several short films in order to teach myself the basics of Flame, which impressed just enough people to get a job in the Flame department.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work on a huge variety of projects, with agencies and directors from around the world. From TV comedy shows such as 'Man to Man, with Dean Learner' (Richard Ayoade), through various shots here and there on feature films, but mainly visual effects heavy ads for Daniel Kleinman, Dom and Nic, Steve Cope, Steve Hudson and many others.

Occasionally we get the chance to work on music promos. We don't do many, but the ones we do, we do for a reason. 'Salmon Dance' and 'Believe' by Dom and Nic for the Chemical Brothers are both good examples.

The videos on this site are hosted by Vimeo to make things simpler for me and visitors alike. They should play fine as HTML5 embedded video on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.The more recent projects tend to be HD encodes, so the picture quality is superb. Unfortunately, some of the older work only exists as low bit-rate, low resolution encodes, apologies for that.


This site is written in PHP, with all the content stored in a mySQL database. This is version 7 of the design and layout of the site, but I have no idea how many versions of the underlying PHP and database code I've been through.

The CSS is standards compliant CSS3, making liberal use of the opacity function.

I've also started changing the site over to HTML5. Just to see if it causes any major problems. On the whole the W3C validator seems to like most of it, but there seems to be a recurrent error with the 'last-modified' date which I've written about here.

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